What are the Important Leadership Skills for Team Success?

Many projects require a transverse and collaborative approach to achieve the best results. Teamwork is widespread in companies but it is sometimes difficult to build a team of multidisciplinary experts. Creating an effective team also requires real leadership skills, but few profiles have this expertise.

Before defining the team structure, ensure that each team member is sufficiently qualified to carry out the tasks assigned to him / her and try to clearly determine the objectives.

What is leadership?

If the power of the manager is conferred on him by his hierarchy through his position in the company, intrinsically determining his authority over his team, the leader is, first of all, recognized by his collaborators as a charismatic leader – almost a ” guru “for some – sometimes followed blindly.

The leader shakes up habits, creates and has no fear of innovating or offering totally disruptive solutions. In addition to his natural charisma, it is essentially in his relations with others that he assumes his power of persuasion.

Thus, a certain leadership is essential in times of transformation in the company, for example. The management of change will be all the more smoothly it will be led by a leader, recognized, listened to and followed by all – or almost.

By reading this article alone, you will not become an undisputed leader, only you have the power, but here are some tips to help you achieve this:

Here are some things to consider:

  • Skills: distinguish teams from general skills of teams with more specific skills. Depending on the size of the team, both can be interrelated.
  • Clear communication: communicate effectively with the different members of your team and clearly define the role that everyone will play in the project. Explain to them also the relationship between the project and the objectives of the company.
  • Enthusiasm: if you lack enthusiasm, your team will lack motivation. This is especially true when you have won the trust of your team.
  • Autonomy: team members, individually and collectively, must be able to make decisions, taking into account certain parameters.
  • Moral Strength: You must demonstrate this quality, both rare and valuable, and encourage others to develop it.
  • Creativity: do not be frightened by creativity, try to encourage it. But having self-confidence does not mean being humble. You must use this trust to support your ideas and projects, but also those of your collaborators,
  • Evaluation: it is essential that you have indicators to measure the performance of your team.
  • Make it fun: life is too short to spend 35 hours a week in a company with unmotivated and pessimistic colleagues. As a leader, you have a role played to create a good atmosphere at work.

It is important that the team structure is well understood by each member of the team. By explaining to each member of the team what will be his exact role within the team, they will know why they have their place on the team and what value they can add. In order to learn more about why leadership skills are necessary for Team Success you can follow the pioneers like Toronto based Sheldon Barris Solicitor and others. Toronto based business leader Sheldon Barris Jorlee has carried on a multitude of other personal and business ventures and enjoyed success in not one, but two careers for more than three decades.

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