Five Startup Advices from Successful Serial Entrepreneurs

The term serial entrepreneur is uncommon in business careers. A normal entrepreneur comes with a new idea and starts the business and works hard to achieve success. But a serial entrepreneur comes up with a new idea and after getting success in the field and gives the responsibility to others and again comes up with another idea and starts the business again. And this process goes on. Not all entrepreneurs can do this because most believe to stick in the same business and work hard for this. But I think some people are made for this so-called serial entrepreneurship. It’s actually tough or you can say a challenging work to do. Leaving one business and coming out of your comfort zone and starting with another idea and taking risks is a tough thing to do. Here is some advice or tips from the successful serial entrepreneurs which every startup owner should follow.

Work with Partners:

Work with skilled people around you. Working with partners or employees will help you to get more knowledge because sharing ideas will get you more information about the particular field. Or if you have a lack of money to start the business share the capital; this will solve your problem. Moreover working with trusted partners and employees has a great benefit. We cannot stay motivated all the time that is human nature. So if you feel low sometimes or get demotivated, your partners can motivate you and if they get demotivated, you can motivate them.

Do not be Afraid to take Challenges:

Don’t get confused or don’t get afraid to take risks or challenges. Business or startups means there will be risks. And in serial entrepreneurship, there is more risk. Learn from successful entrepreneurs like John Fielding and others about how they don’t get afraid to take risks. The only way to fight your fear is to get out of your comfort zone and take the challenges.¬†John Fielding Toronto¬†Founder of Array Marketing a Toronto based entrepreneur serves as a principal of the Amsterdam Brewing Company.

Learn from your Competitors:

Don’t make the same mistakes everyone does in a particular field. Learn from the mistakes of your competitors. Learn how they deal with the customers and employees. Look what’s the difference between you and them. Maintain a healthy relationship with the competitors and this will help you to achieve the goal. Share knowledge regarding the particular field with them and they will also share their points and from their experience, you can learn a lot.

Improve your Skills:

Whether it is communication skills or any other skill you should improve it or update it. Managing employees is not an easy task. It requires good communication skills and people management skills. An entrepreneur not only stays motivated by his work but also motivates others, may it be clients or company’s employees.

Try to do Things Differently:

In this competitive world, unless you are unique, you can’t grab people’s attention. Be it any field you will get competition.¬† Think from people’s point of view, why they will buy your product? They got many choices, so you have to be unique and different only then you can become a successful entrepreneur.

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