DLIMS – license info Management System

DLIMS automates the processes for license renewal, issuance, and upgrades. These services are on the market across the province of geographical region. DLIMS has improved the process of license service for the general public. It’s additionally serving to authorities to possess period updated statistics and knowledge.

DLIMS Punjab is effective for all sorts of licenses through a centralized network. AS traffic rules, driving standards and its implementation is up in Pakistan this initiative of DLIMS a part of an equivalent drive.

With DLIMS, candidates solely have to be compelled to visit the licensing checking center and upon passing the test, the person can get a global license recognized by the full world. Currently, Pakistani license holders are eligible to drive on their Pakistani license anyplace within the world.

Benefits of DLIMS

  • Centralized supplying and Management of Driving Licenses
  • Centralized information of Licensing System of whole geographical region
  • A hassle-free approach towards applying and receiving a license
  • Centralized supplying and Management of
  • Challan Ticketing System Delivery of Issued Licenses through traveler and supported that verification of the person is created simply
  • Help scale back vehicle-related crimes
  • Increase in revenue by making certain transparency
  • Creating a knowledge hub for facilitating different agencies
  • Centralized license Printing Facility

The system is sort of simple to use. Move to DLIMS geographical region web site and enter your CNIC while not dashes and press verify, and also the system goes through the records together with your question. And at the moment provides you the mandatory result. However, if you’ve got entered wrong CNIC, the system can show a message “License knowledge Not Found”—meaning you may not be ready to find and verify your knowledge. Thus invariably enter correct CNIC variety if you would like to grasp your license info. Same goes with the chase of your License; simply move to the DLIMS web site and click on the License info through this you’ll track license standing still.

USER info

  • License Number:
  • CNIC:
  • Name:
  • Father/Husband Name:
  • City:
  • Allowed Vehicles:

LICENSE period

  • Issue Date:
  • Valid From:
  • Valid To:

How to apply for a driver’s license:

The process for applying for a driver’s license is straightforward and easy. First, you would like to simply log in to DLIMS web site transfer the driver’s license kind from the transfer section; fill it and submit the specified documents to the closet licensing center. You’ll find the highest licensing center by clicking at the Licensing Centre tab.

Documents required:

Different materials are needed for various kinds of licenses.

Learner’s license:

The documents that you would like to use for driver’s license could be a copy of CNIC, Rs. sixty price ticket from Pakistan post workplace, traffic rules and regulation book from traffic police headquarters and a medical certificate for people that are on top of fifty and is applying for learner’s license. Moreover, the regulation for lightweight Transport Vehicle is eighteen years and for serious Transport Vehicle is twenty-two years.

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